How You Know this is Perfect Photo?


Step1: (Take Your Pet Photo)

Just Click Your Pet Photo with your smart phone, you don't need any special equipment. You can choose any of your pet best photo from your phone photos gallery as well.

Step 2: (Choose Your Product)

Once you click the photo, choose the product you like from our various range of products. Once you Choose the product, you can select your favorite background color.

Step 3: (Tell the World & Share the Love)

So now imagine you have placed your order & we created your wonderful product, after a few days its just arrived in a mail, you will open the parcel & you will feel amaze on that time, Now show this to your pet & please record the reaction for us. I am damn sure your pet will love their face printed on a product as well.

You can take your pet photo now with this amazing product & share this to your facebook, Instagram, your friends will go crazy about this & definitely ask about this.

Photo Tips

1. Good Lighting:

Your photo should be good in lighting, we love day light photos, Our artists will work direct with the photo you upload, so make sure you capture your pet in good light, and that you're happy with the colors in your photo.

2. Pet Face:

As much as possible try to click a closeup photo of your pet, because our artist will create pet art for your pet face, so better face should be clearly front focus. so our artist can use photo & create a wonderful pet art.

3. More Then One Pet:

If you want to print more then one pet, Β Please send your all pets photo at with your order number, after your purchase!