Shipping Information

Our shippment period is divided in to the production phase and shipping phase. Unlike most companies where the product is shipped immediately, because they sell physical products & we are selling Print On Demands Products, so ours process is a little different. Because our artist hand-draw every single pet art from original pet photo, it takes longer than usual to actually ship an order. But it's definitely worth the wait. And each parcel is prepared with a lot more care and attention.

1. Production Phase (1-2 Weeks)

Here is the steps of productions, that takes 1-2 weeks.

1. Your pet photo is sent for review by our experts.

2. Once your pet photo is approved, our artist will create a special pet art

3. Our in-house expert team will review each artwork individually.

4. If any Revision needed that done by our artist.

5. Print Preparations.

6. Sent to Print on product.

Shipping Phase: (1-2 Weeks)

Shipping is relatively fast and usually takes 3-7 working days for US orders. All orders are shipped with tracking numbers.

Total Turnaround Time (3-5 Weeks)

2-3 weeks production time, 3-7 working days delivery time. We estimate a 3-5 week turnaround time in total, but orders sometimes arrive sooner.

Once your order is shipped, you will receive a tracking number & shipping carrier details, so you can track your orders esaily.


United States: $8.95 Standard shipping (3-5 weeks)

Canada: $8.95 Standard shipping (3-5 weeks)

International: $17.95 Standard shipping (5-6 weeks)